Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yard Crasher #2

My sister inherited a fully landscaped yard when they bought their house last year.  When we were over for dinner last weekend, I took a bunch of pictures.  They have way more shrubs and trees than I do and I don't know what half of them are, but they're pretty to look at, so I figured I'd share.  The house is on a corner lot, so there's a lot of dirt to play in.  My sister doesn't like how everything had been shaped into a square, opposed to being left to grow naturally, but I kinda like the formality of it.  Maybe that's because there isn't anything even remotely formal about my own yard.

I'll start with the roses.  
They have quite a few, but only four were blooming.
This first one's a climber and it's so pretty.

There are three of these white shrub roses.
I don't think she'd miss one, do you?

Here are some shots of the front yard.

Up against the front of the house is a shrub my mom told me the name of, and now I can't remember.

The flowers are really cool.
They have a light pink one in the backyard, too.

The side yard has a big tree on one end, so it's mostly shade.
That's where I dug up pieces of the geranium and campanula I had posted.
There's a pretty cool rosemary on the sunny end.

This honeysuckle is planted in the back, but as you can see, it's visible from the street as well.
It's probably solid flowers by now.

The backyard is in an L shape. 
You can't see the short part of the L from the back door, but it has the cutest little stone patio.
And a tree that is covered in flowers.
It hums from the amount of bees in it.
If you know what it is, I'm all ears.
If I had to take a wild guess, I'd say some type of Mock Orange, but I really have no idea.
It's so cool.

 There's also a ceanothus, aka, California Lilac, in the same area that was bloomin' its little heart out.

There's several of the same variety of heuchera, that I'd like to get a piece of, and the cutest mini iris.

Here's another mystery-to-me shrub.
My sister says it'll probably go, 'cause it's huge and hoggin' up precious full-sun real estate.

The main patio off the back of the house is partially covered and that's where they have all the pots of things they brought with them from the old house.
Plus the usual suspect annuals and veggies.

Just for the record, I don't think it's very fair that she has ripe raspberries before me.
Especially considering I gave her that plant and both hers and mine came from the exact same place.

And last, I'll leave ya with a super cute bird house my BIL made.
The glass doorknob came from their old house and it's turning purple from the sun.
So cool.

And that concludes another installment of, Yard Crasher.

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  1. What a beautiful yard! And what a variety of plants. How nice that it came that way!

  2. Wow! what a lucky duck to get all those plants! we are window shopping houses and i can't decide what i want more - a blank slate or an established garden to tweak :)

  3. What a beautiful garden! I'm digging that California Lilac! Super cool! And I really like how the rocks are integrated in with the design! It is stunning! I love peeking into other peoples gardens! Thanks for sharing lady!!!

  4. The garden is absolutely lovely - your sister was very lucky to move into a fully landscaped property with some excellent specimen trees. The pink flowering shrub against the house looks like a mountain laurel, and the tree covered with small white flowers and bees is a japanese bell tree.

  5. Gorgeous garden! I bet the hummingbirds are all over that honeysuckle now. How neat that the property had nice landscaping already in place--we had a hilly weed patch when we first moved into ours! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Yes, the pink plant is definitely a mountain laurel. What a beautiful yard!

    1. Thanks, Leslie! And thanks so much for coming by!

  7. Hi Mindy, How lucky your sister inherited such a gorgeous yard. I like all the shrubs but you know me. I would!

    Yes, Mountain Laurel or Kalmia latifolia. The tree with the white bells is called, Japanese Snowbell or Styrax japonica. The third mystery shrub is Pittosporum tobira. I know because I have one that has never bloomed. I'm slightly jealous of your sister. :) Um, so what is up with her raspberries ripening before yours? I'd be a little miffed too. But not really. I love the birdhouse and the glass doorknob is very cool and even more so because it has sentimental value. Great post.

  8. You have the most gorgeous yard!

  9. I have moved into a retirement village vic.Australia I have now a very small garden I miss my big one I had but the little one I have is going very well and quite a lot of people stop to look at it starting to look like my lovely little garden once again to have a lovely garden is a must love looking around your sister lovely big garden thank you once again in the viewing of this wonderful garden, R.Higham


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