Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June In The Parking Strip

I just have a few pictures of the parking strip today.  Since my last post of this area, the penstemon has started blooming, so of course, I headed out with my camera.

I'm pretty much loving this scabiosa, so it had to make a post appearance as well.

See that area in the background of the second and third pics?
The long strip on the outside of the fence.
I'm realllllllly tempted to rip all that out and do a row of boxwood.
I've thought about it for years.
I'm tired of the way it looks.
Ragged and messy.
The rest of the yard is pretty much just a free for all.
I want neat and tidy out there.
I'm tempted.....

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  1. Are you really a boxwood kind of gal? You shoes match the scabiosa so well, lol.

  2. You have so many varieties that I'm unfamiliar with. I always learn something here.

  3. I love these pictures. Everything looks so soft and lush and pretty. I'd leave it as it is! :)

  4. It looks really great, Mindy. When we lived in the historical district we were not allowed to plant in the parking strip. I always thought that was a big loss of potential beauty- x, ox Diana

  5. My penstemon just stopped blooming...but I did get a few pics before he quit! (which reminds me that I have to get some pics up!) I am loving the strip here girl! And I can totally imagine boxwood there! I think it would be beautiful...but what you have is beautiful so ya really can't go wrong!!

  6. Your penstemon are beautiful, Mindy! I have a bright pink one called 'Sensation' that is blooming now, as well as a red one of unknown origins, but I love them all:)


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