Monday, June 3, 2013

The Last Week Of May In The Garden

I think we may actually be into another stretch of dry weather.  We were definitely livin' up to our rainy Oregon reputation for awhile there.  And the slugs did a major number on a lot of the annuals and veggie starts I had just planted before the wet hit.  Damn things.

So I'll start in the backyard with one of my favorite perennials.  Phlox.  This is always the first one to bloom.

 Another one of my favorites is the lady's mantle.
It's just now starting to bloom.

The bachelor buttons aren't covered in mildew yet, so they're still bloomin' solid.

I picked up a fun variegated geranium during my last garden center walk.

One of my other ones has its first flowers, as well as a diascia that came back from last year.

This one was new to me, and typically I'm not a variegated or two-toned flower kinda girl, but it jumped in the tray anyway.
Five Spot Nemophilla maculata.
Say that ten times fast.

I grew one of these yeeeeeaaaars ago, and when I saw it I decided I needed to try it again.
Zalusianskya capensis, 'Night Scented Phlox'

The tree rose is earning its keep.

The snap peas that we started from seed are at the top of the trellis now.
Today, I noticed the very first flower.

The giant hosta is doin' its thing.

The hydrangea hand-me-down from my neighbor last year has buds.
I'm excited to see what color it is!

The spirea that I swiped a start of from my neighbor about ten years ago is blooming.
He's long gone, and so is the original plant, so I'm glad I got a piece when I did.

The climbing hydrangea is blooming for the first time since I put it in.

The shady area under the tree has filled in and one of the foxglove babies from Athena is blooming.

I dug some pieces of campanula from my sister's yard a couple weeks ago and it's bloomin' now.
That, and some more lady's mantle, is planted along the wine bottle path.

The south side pathway is like a jungle.
I need to get on that.

Out front, one of the lilies that The Dad bought me years ago is blooming.

The wagon plants are doin' their thing.

One of the snapdragons that over-wintered is blooming.

This weird fungus comes back every year.

And for the road, how 'bout a couple shots of the back and some lantana?

That's all, folks.

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  1. Every time you post pics of your yard I'm in awe. It's so beautiful!!

  2. Those lilies are stunning! I so love their deep red color! And I'm a loving your foxglove and climbing hydrangea!!! I was scoping out a climbing hydrangea but it wasn't in the will be next year after seeing yours! And the the Italians say...MA DOM!!! Amazing!!! You rock!! It is gorgeous!!! I am so glad you are having some dry days! At least with everything going on you have somewhere pretty to should be so proud of what you have created!

  3. So pretty. My neighbor is offering to share some of her perennials, I have to take her up on this because my gardening skills are so sub-par.

  4. What a stunning garden. I love how you mix the foliage too. I'm so jealous of that adorable five spot flower

  5. Gorgeous, Mindy, and yay for the foxglove--glad that it's blooming for you! That five spot is a neat flower--it would have jumped in my basket, too :)I'm still working on containers and now getting veggis planted. Could have done it a while ago, but was just too busy to get to it, but the sun is inspiring me now! The hardy fuchsia is blooming now, and the fuchsia starts in my hanging baskets are getting buds and a few beginning to bloom. There was a hummingbird all over one of the baskets--they like the fuchsias and the petunias, and nasturtiums.

  6. What a beautiful, beautiful garden. I love that two-toned nemophillia! Your yard looks so perfect, I love your landscaping style.

  7. Mindy- Your gardens are just gorgeous. You do such a wonderful job with it- AND you cook and take care of your family. You're amazing!!! xo Diana


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