Monday, June 17, 2013

Garden Bouquets

My girlfriend was having family in town over the weekend and asked if I could put together some bouquets for her house.  With that many flowers all in one place, of course, I had to take pictures.

They all weren't exactly the same, but they all had white, purple, and lime green.
I used lady's mantel, feverfew, marjoram, salvia, sage, phlox, scabiosa, hebe, penstemon, campanula, sedum, plumbago leaves and a variegated hosta leaf in the bottom of each vase.

Today is officially the first day of summer break at our house.
Three kids.
In the house.
With me.
Until September.
Send back up.

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  1. You mean send wine. The bouquets are gorgeous. I love the idea of the hosta leaf in the bottom,...really adds to it.

  2. Ha! Backup for sure! HA! Too funny! I love the freshness of your bouquets! And I like the overall design....great idea with the hosta leaf rolled at the bottom!!! Another business for you!!! Beautiful!!!! pinning!!!

  3. Gorgeous! I love the colors. My advice for the kid filled summer lots of wine :)

  4. Seriously girl. Is there anything you can't do? These are fabulous. They're so dainty and chic. Were you a floral designer before children? I continue to be amazed at your many incredible talents. Two thumbs way up!

  5. Gorgeous--those are some of my absolute favorite colors in the garden! I love your clever idea of putting the varigated hosta leaf inside the container--creates a pretty bouquet from top to bottom--well done!


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