Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Dahlia

I feel like it has been a really long time since I posted pictures from the yard.  I took these a couple weeks ago and just hadn't gotten to them yet.

Remember the new dahlia I've talked about that had buds forever, but was taking its own sweet time blooming?  My mom gave me the bulb for Mother's Day.  Well, bloom it has, and it's pretty damn spectacular.

I should have put something next to the flower for a size reference.
The thing is giant.

I'm not sure it gets any prettier than that.

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  1. I have tried a dozen times to grow dahlias. No luck. I think it's just too hot here. Jealous--it's completely beautiful.

  2. That is spectacular! The dinner plate dahlias are something to behold. I would say worth the wait!

  3. Nope! It doesn't! I definitely prefer dahlias that are one color! This is just stunning!!!

  4. Do you know i have never grown Dahlias? That is just a beautiful, amazing flower-GREAT photos! xo Diana

  5. Your dahlia is stunning. I love that it looks like there are about a hundred more petals yet to bloom. I decided that I am going to set up a little dahlia greenhouse next year. If I can get a head start next year, I'll be a happy girl.

  6. what a spectacular flower! It is so beautiful. An explosion of petals!

  7. Um, this is deff a talent my friend. I cant even grow basil. When I buy the little basil plant at publix they die the same week... I wonder what that says about me. lol

  8. Aren't dahlias just amazing?! They are so complex and yet so elegantly sweet all at the same time.

  9. Beautiful photos. Dahlias are so fun to grow. About half of mine are wimpy and refuse to bloom. I think they need more sun than I'm providing. Live and learn.


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