Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Bathroom & Hallway Christmas Tour

We're finally at the homestretch.  These are the last of the Christmas decoration photos for the year.  And just in time, only three more days left.

In addition to the shower curtain, I stuck a few things on the shelves in here.

I bought this after Christmas last year and I've tried everything to get the wrinkles out of it.
Ya know, aside from actually ironing it.

It's clear now that I have a thing for old bottles, isn't it?

I stuck a red votive holder in each of the corners.

More bottles.  :)

Speaking of bottles, there are more in the hallway, as well.
I rarely post pictures of our hall because, not unlike our bedroom, it's a dungeon.
So it's really hard to get decent pictures.
But I put the Precious Moments nativity and village in there this year, so I figured I'd give some photographs a shot.

This wall is all kid art.

The Kid drew the cat.

I'm totally kidding.
My mom did that one.  :)

Aren't they sweet?
Since I had the camera out, I figured I'd try to get a couple shots of the coat tree.
It's just painted on, but the best part is the insulators.

I found them at a garage sale years ago.
The guy had dozens and dozens of them.
I kick myself for not buying more.

And last, this has nothing to do with Christmas, but I got a few photos of my flower wall that I always talk about.

And that's it.
I've been deathly ill for two days.
I'm doin' breakfast for dinner for the fam and then going straight to bed.
We've got something going on every night through the 28th, so I can NOT be sick any longer.
And that's how I feel about that.


  1. Oh you!!! You need to go rest!!!!!! Check your email when you get a are amazing! Like my best online friend ever Mindy! And let me just say that your hallway is amazing! This is the first time I have ever seen it on your blog! I LOVE it! The photo collage you have going there is amazing with all of the art and you had me at the cat picture...I just kept thinking holy crap you have a prodigy on your hands!!! And the coat tree is genius! I didn't get to my bathroom this year but I need to next year! The red pops are perfect! Here is to a wonderful Christmas to you and the crew...back to bed for you!!! Merry Christmas!! Nicole xoxo Oh and I love that lit house you have in your is precious!

  2. Nice! Less is more in small spaces. What a great Floral Wall! I'll bet it perks you up on gray December days.

  3. Your home is full of coziness and is decorated so cute! Love the flower wall and your bathroom shower curtain. I bought a floor steamer which takes place of ironing quite often because I dislike ironing! Love the natupivity and the coat tree- too cute! Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!


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