Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas In The Living Room 2014: A Sneak Peak

I FINALLY hauled the last Christmas bin to the attic this morning. I started decorating the Monday before Thanksgiving and, as of tonight, I think I'm finally done.  It takes soooo flippin long.

The Dad was out of town all week for work, so The Mom was runnin' a tight ship.  Dinner was an hour early every night, since we weren't waiting on him to get home, which meant I was able to pull off bedtime an hour early.  It was sort of heaven.

Anywho, I took some pictures of the tree lit up last night, 'cause it was so pretty and quiet.  

If you were around last year, you'll notice I won the tree light fight.  I just could not go through a second year with colored LED's, that you could see from space, on my Christmas tree.  Much to the dismay of the other people under the roof.  The living room was also rearranged differently last year, so this year's set up is quite a bit different.
You can see last year's living room decorations, including the day-glo tree, here:

Okay, I'll stop blabbing and get to the pictures.
I opted out of my Christmas curtains this year.
I've put them up every that I've been in this house, I think.
But I decided to change it up.
I dug through my stash and found these white lace ones.
I think they're pretty.

Can I just say, there is no such thing as too many lights.
Every single plug-in in our house has a strand attached to it.

These next shots were taken standing in the kitchen, and give you a pretty good view of our expansive living area.
That was supposed to be funny.

I stuck the tree down in a crate this year.
It's one of those random free things I drug home and had no clue what I was going to do with it.
The other one is serving its purpose as a side table.

Did you spy the Christmas Book Advent?

And the section of the tree that Baby decorated.  :)

I had to put my insulators back on the mantle again this year.
This is year five, at least.
It remains my favorite Christmas decoration of all time.
I did omit a couple things I usually have with them, but added stocking hangers for the first time.
I picked them up after Christmas last year for less than a couple bucks each.

My photos don't do the insulators justice.
They are so dang pretty all lit  up.

I changed up the inside of the fake fireplace box this year.
I put a wooden box with lights and greens inside of it, a metal watering can that a girlfriend gave me that I'm completely in love with, and some hanging snowflakes.

This is turning into more than a sneak peak, isn't it?
Oh well, how 'bout a sneak peak of the dining room, part of which you've already seen from the Instant Chalkboard post.

And one of those kagillion snow covered toy cars found a home.

Okay, that's it for now.
I'll attempt to get a real Holiday House Tour up and running next week.
In the day light.
This weekend is, Operation-Get-Your-Wrap-On.
My goal is to have it all done by Sunday night.


  1. Rockstar!!! It looks beautiful friend!!!! Way to go!!! I love the insulators! And you had me cracking up with the expansive view bit! Loving babies part of the tree and the crate and the curtains!! Just stunning! Wishing you an awesome Friday!!! Nicole xo

  2. That is a lot of lights. I've been really lazy so I only have a few things out right now. You should be very proud of how beautiful your home looks. Let me know if your stocking holders actually hold up all of Santa's goodies. All of the ones I have had never actually hold up any weight.

  3. You have such a beautiful home, Mindy! Love your gallery wall of pictures. Your holiday decorations look so nice. Your home looks so warm and comfortable. I bet your children are in love with all the lights.

  4. Wow! I want you to come and decorate my house for Christmas, Mindy! So pretty and so festive. i love all of the lights and all of the little attention to details! Merry Christmas!

  5. Woaooo this year your christmas decoratiosn look great ! Congratulations , very cozy place your living room :)
    Check mine :

    Greetings and Merry Christmas for you and your family

  6. You are on it, Mindy!
    Love your Frazier Fir. I'm a big fan of them too. Your tree is decorated beautifully!
    I don't know what your Christmas curtains look like, but I think the white lace ones are quite pretty! Their subtle color allows your Christmas colors to shine :0)
    You have so many festive details! I can only image how cozy it is to nestle on your couch this time of year.
    Have a great week!


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