Sunday, December 14, 2014

DIY Christmas Gift #2


I have another woodworking project for you today.
Only this one doesn't involve nails.
All you need is some sandpaper, stain, and glue.
I saw this idea several months ago and banked it in my DIY gift reserve.

You can find full instructions here:

She bought a new board, and tells you what size, type, etc., but I have tons of random pieces of wood in the garage, so it was just a matter of digging.
I ended up with one of our built-in cutting boards from our old kitchen.
It was beat to heck and had paint on it, but nothin' an orbital sander couldn't handle.
I had The Dad cut it down to get two the size I wanted, then I went after both pieces with the sander.
I rounded all the edges and corners like the original.

Once the sanding was done, I dug through my stains, did some swipes on a scrap to see which I liked best, then stained both pieces.
I let them dry for a few days before attaching the clips and hangers.
I found the mini clips in the scrapbook section at Joann's.
The hangers are from Home Depot.
I used glue for the clips and the hangers came with nails.

Now ya can't give a Photo Clipboard to someone without something in it, so I printed off some fun wine art from here:

And they're ready for giving.

Fun, no?
I think they'd be great for changing out the plethora of kid photos that we all end up with on our computers.
Or, you know my obsession with flower photos, they'd be fun with those, too.
Or kid art even.
Endless possibilities.
I finished up my Christmas shopping this weekend and almost everything is wrapped.
This week, there shall be baking.
And I got pictures taken of all the decorations in every room of the house, so as soon as I can get some posts together, I'll be sharing that.
It's getting cloooosssserrrrr......

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