Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Sewing

I busted out the sewing machine last week.  It's sort of a big deal, since it's such a hassle.  It's stored away when not in use, so you have to be committed to haul it all out.  Well, commit I did.  For two days.

I started out the first day with pillow covers for the couch.
Just simple, envelope closure style.
I almost don't want to show you pictures because of my hatred for our couch.
I literally want to set fire to it on a daily basis.
I DESPISE it with every atom in my body.
So ignore the couch, that has seat cushions covered in drop cloth to hide the fact that it's torn to shreds, okay?
Aren't there any companies out there who need a blogger with three kids, a dog, and a cat, to review a new couch?  :)

I had to sneak in a photo of the little one, who has a terrible cold and is snoring on my bed as I type this.

I made one for our hand-me-down chair, as well.

This photo shows the true color of the ticking.

In addition to the pillows, I made two quick valances for the window and door in the kitchen.
I love how the Santa fabric looks vintage-y.

And, because I have a small infatuation with stockings, and the fact that the combo of ones I had hanging were buggin' the crud out of me, especially after seeing the pictures of them from my last post, I decided to try my hand at a couple new ones.
Ya know, 'cause the sewing machine was out and all.
I have a wee bit of an obsession with burlap bags and ticking, as well, so this was inevitable.
I should show you my sewing room first.

Do you recognize the bags?
I had them outside in the driveway chairs this summer, by the fancy pool. :)
I'd give ya a tutorial, but I honestly did the, fake it till ya make it, gig.
I pinned the old stocking to the bag and cut around it.  I should have cut it bigger than the original, since the new ones are quite a bit skinnier.  Live and learn.
The cuff was the hardest part, and took me a solid hour to figure out how in the hell to make it work.
But I got it.  Just don't look too close.

I think I like the one with the wording better than the one with the flower.
So I may make a third.  I left the sewing machine out, just in case.

All the red before was making my brain hurt.
Even though there's still a lot goin' on, having it more neutral feels so much better.

And that's it for show and tell today.
I did finish up some cloth napkins I had started this summer.
And I got my mending pile done, so that felt good.
But I think we're gonna call it good for sewing this year.
Ya know, until I decide to make that third stocking.


  1. Well here is another year that I didn't learn how to sew. Thee are really cute projects. You know what's so damn funny is that I just repinned the couch you hate on my christmas pin board. That was before I read your post. What's more funny is that I think we have the same exact couch. I don't hate my couch though. It is fabulous for kids. I just bought a new dining table and I am all like omg, there is no way the kids are getting their craft on at my new table. You just can't have it both ways with kids.

  2. You've been so busy sewing. I love your stockings and your holiday pillows. Hope your little girl feels better real soon.

  3. I love the stocking with the words on it as well. Your home is beautiful and so festive. A little goes a looonnng way!!!!

    1. Thanks, Renie! And yes, a little does go a long way. And ours is overflowing. :) I'd say our Christmas decoration cup runeth over.

  4. You are a woman of many talents! The pillows are great (and the hated couch looks fine in all your shots). I especially like the gingham check, but they all add a wonderful festive touch. The stockings look wonderful hanging on your mantel. And what a nice tree Mindy! It's all looking very festive. Hope the little one if better soon!

  5. The stockings!! You had me at the stockings. ;)


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