Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallow Eggs

I saw some really fun marshmallow eggs, that were decorated super cute, online the other day and then this weekend, I saw them at the store.  So I bought a bag.  I busted out my candy melts today.  I had yellow, pink and purple.  I don't know for sure what happened, but the pink and purple seized on me when I was trying to melt them in the microwave.  So they went in the garbage.  I melted the yellow ones in a pan on the stove and that worked just fine.  I think they taste nasty anyway, so I also melted chocolate.  Instead of dunking the entire egg, I only did one side.  I figured that was more than enough chocolate for a giant marshmallow.  I also smeared peanut butter on it before dunking it.  Um, yeah, I know.  Peanut butter and chocolate!?  How could you go wrong?! 

For the decorating part, I let the kids put sprinkles on.  I tend to be excessively a tad bit controlling when it comes to decorating things like this.  I want them to look pretty, not like a kid decorated them with every sprinkle they could get their hands on.  But I stepped back this time.  I got the eggs for them in the first place and it's not much fun to watch The Mom carefully put every sprinkle on one at a time.  Boring.  So they both jumped in full force.  (I'll get my control fix when we decorate the Easter sugar cookies.)  They had a blast and the eggs turned out cute - even if the sprinkles aren't evenly spaced.  :o)

Here they are in all their glory:

I have some cute Easter cellophane bags that we'll put some in to give away.  I also have some lollipop sticks that I may poke up into some of them.  And there ya go.  Cheap, easy, fun, Easter treat.

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