Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Girl's Room

Note:  Because this blog did not exist when we built the bookshelf, there are no progress pictures.  I took some measurements in case anyone is wanting to build one.  
Here are the details:  The overall measurements are 37 1/2" x 37 1/2".  The sides are 1x8's cut with a jigsaw.  The top, bottom, and shelves are 1x6's.  The top piece has a piece of 1/2" decorative trim around it.  The dowels are 1/2" and the back is a sheet of beadboard.  If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an email - I'm happy to answer them.  - Mindy

Well, I reached my goal of finishing up in The Girl's room this weekend.  As I had mentioned here, I was working on getting some of the stuff off of the dresser, moving things on the walls - since I had moved her bed, and thinning things out a bit.  I accomplished two of those things.  Instead of thinning, the things I did just made room for more stuff.  Go figure.

The newest addition to the wall came from our new neighbors.  They just moved in and replaced all their original wood windows.  Last week, I walked cookies over to introduce myself and ended up the proud new owner of six of them.  The dear sweet Dad made three trips to carry them home.  Five of them are leaning up against the fence outside, awaiting their purpose.  One of them is happy in its new home.

After sanding it down a bit, we attached a piece of wood to the bottom to make a sill.  I put two screws on the back and wrapped wire around them to make loops for hanging it.  Once it was hung on the wall, it was on to the curtain.  Hmmmm, I don't have a curtain I walked out to the disaster that is our garage and stared at the work bench.  There has to be something I can rig up.  This is what I came back in the house with:

A piece of copper pipe, a pipe cutter, two random hook things and a bag of copper tube straps.

I held up one of the random hooks against the window and put the pipe in it.  It just stuck out too far away from the window, so I ended up using the straps.  They're really thin, so it's easy to make them bend the way you want them to.  I attached them like this:

I put one screw on the top of the window and one on the front.  That way I could get the rod to sit as high up as I wanted it.

I did that on each side and slid the pipe in:

Yeah I know, it's not straight.  This is its second purpose in life - it was bent into a curved shape when I pulled it from the garage.

Here it is sitting in the bracket.

Now it's time for a curtain.  For some reason, I've never gotten rid of any curtain I've ever owned in my life.  Oh wait, this EXACT reason is why.  I dug through my stash and came across one that I had bought a zillion years ago and never used.  But where's the other one?  I dug through every place I could possibly think of and never found its mate.  Enter scissors.  I cut that bad boy in half.  Voila - two curtains.  I hung it on the rod and marked where I needed to cut the bottom off, 'cause it was about 4 inches too long.  Enter scissors again.  Voila - custom made curtains.  Then I cut two strips out of the bottom remnant and used  them as tiebacks.

Here it is:

Oh, and what is that the window is hanging over, you ask?  That is The Girl's fancy kitchen.  We made it for her third birthday.  I got the plans here.

The knobs above the oven door are more insulators.  I bought them at a garage sale several years ago, not knowing what in the world I was going to do with them.  I used them on this oven and I used them on the hallway coat tree.  Now I wish I had bought all of them. 

So that's one of the projects.  The other one was putting shelves over the two closet doors.  Pretty easy.  The four shelf brackets were about $1.15 each and the boards were something we already had in the garage.  All I needed to do was paint everything.

Here they are:

Another thing in the room that we built is the bookshelf.  I wanted to get one for my nephew a couple years ago and found exactly what I was looking for at Pottery Barn.  Um, waaaaaay out of the budget.  So I ripped the picture out of the magazine and told The Dad he needed to build it.  He did and we gave it as a Christmas present.  A year later, I decided The Girl needed one too.  So she got one for Christmas. 

Here it is:

Who needs store-bought, right?!

Her iron bed we found at a garage sale for $50.  I made the duvet cover (which is still empty) for it and the curtains.  I bought the fabric for both before I was even married.  It was one of those, it's too cute to pass up and I'm sure I'll use it someday, purchases.  The blanket at the foot of the bed is the one I made for the crib when I was pregnant with The Kid.  The bench under the window we also made.  I had one that my grandparents made me when I was little and it now lives in The Kid's room.  The nightstand was a Ross find about two years ago.  It was all bunged up, so I think I paid $35.  The white metal cabinet hanging on the wall to the left of the kitchen was here when I moved in.  The dresser we bought at a junk store when I was pregnant with The Kid for $60.  I sanded it down and painted it.  Which it needs again.  The doll bed to the right of the dresser came from our neighbor, who sadly passed away last year.  Her dad had made it for her when she was a little girl.  We also have a doll rocking chair that matches it from her.  The table on the right side of the bed is a plant stand that I got on super clearance at Joann's.  I know I didn't pay more than $15 for it. (And if you look close, you can see that it even has birds on it!!!)   I put a granite tile on the top that I got for free as a sample years ago.  The pictures on the walls are a mish mash of junk store finds, things my mom has painted, hand-me-downs from when I was little and gifts.  The chandelier was in my sister's house when she bought it.  It was one of those gross aged brass things.  When she was tearing it out, I asked if I could have it.  Enter spray paint and Dollar Store pink shades. 

And now that you've had the run down, here's the rest of the room:

Oh, and by the way, any time you see a butterfly hung on the wall (not suspended from the ceiling) it's covering up a nail hole. 

And here is Bean Baby and Pooh.  The Mom's childhood companions.  Where I went, they went. 

Hanging directly to the left of them, is a framed poem that my dad wrote.  If you get out your reading glassses, you'll be able to see it well enough to read it.  Or, you can click on it and open it up in a new window.

That's it folks.  The Girl's room tour.  It's jam packed, but every little thing in there has a story or meaning behind it.  So instead of complaining, I've resolved to feel grateful to be blessed with all that "stuff".


  1. I love your kid's kitchen. The skirted area you made is amazing and I love the window.

  2. Thanks Crystal! It was really fun tracking down all the odds and ends for the stove and sink. We'd like to do a fridge too, but that room of hers is just so full.
    Cue fantasy world: outdoor playhouse. :o)

  3. You are a complete genius! Have sought a solution to conventional curtain rods over my rental vertical blinds for quite some time, and your idea will work for that, as well as for other rooms. THANKS!
    Muah! XO

  4. That's so sweet Margaret, thank you! I'm glad it will work for you. I've used copper pipe as curtain rods on a lot of our windows. You can spray paint it too if you prefer a different color.

  5. Love!! Her room is way cute. Your play kitchen turned out super cute! Love the bed and book rack too. You have great projects on your blog!

  6. I adore this room! The kitchen is my favorite part. I never would have thought to put shelves above the door like that so I really like the ideas I'm getting here. I was a little surprised though by the pickaniny dolls as a choice for a child's room. I don't know, I guess I just stay away from anything that could be racially offensive to some people, especially for child's decor.

  7. Thanks - I love her room too. Even as cluttered as it is. The shelves above the doors help get some of it up and out of eye level though.

    A good friend gave me those dolls as a gift years ago. I didn't know that's what they were called. It never crossed my mind that they were offensive in any way. I'm completely in love with them. Funny, I never thought of them as being racially anything. The Girl loves them too and wouldn't know one race from the other if you hit her on the head with it, so I'm not too worried about it. I figure the way she's being brought up will negate any effect a doll in her room would have.

    I'm sorry if they offend anyone - I just always thought they were sweet.

  8. What a great room. I must be dim, but I don't get the offensiveness of those adorable dolls? Is it because they're black? Wouldn't that be a good thing to teach The Girl racial diversity? Ah, what do I know,...I just think they're cute. Love this room, many sweet touches.

  9. I have a similar bean baby, but in green. The voice box in mine never worked. I think it was a hand-me down. My 3.5 year old daughter plays with it now. LOVE IT.

  10. HI!! I have come back to comment on this ADOABLE room! You did such a fantastic job decorating and it is seriosuly such a sweet little place. I love the play kitchen and the cute little curtains hanging above!! Way to go Momma!

  11. Emma is a lucky girl! Fun and imagination everywhere!

  12. What an adorable room! I especially love the walls! Can you tell me what colors you used on the walls? This is exactly what I want to do in my daughter's room. Thanks!

  13. Ok. I am addicted now. I think my favorite part of this post is that super sweet poem your dad WROTE??? What a special, special keepsake you have there!! I love what you've done in Emma's room. It's so cute and something I would have loved to have had as a little girl!


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