Friday, April 1, 2011

Sailboat Quesadillas

It's Friday again.  That means another round of fun kid food for lunch.  I totally stole the idea from my brother-in-law this time around.  He made something similar for my nephew earlier this week. 

Here's my version:

I didn't have any tortillas, so I used Trader Joe's whole wheat lavash bread.  The kids love it and I use it to make tons of different wraps for their lunches.  The water is avocado, the birds are bell pepper, the sun is mango and the "fishing poles" in the little cup are carrots and cucumber.  They both loved this one and ate everything else before digging into the boat.  Another success for The Mom.


  1. This is such a cute idea that my sone would love! Your photos look great as well. What kind of camera are you using? THanks for stopping by my site.

  2. I'm using a regular Nikon point and shoot. I was loaned a really nice fancy camera, but I can't figure the darn thing out. Signing up for a photography class has crossed my mind more than once. Throwin' the thanks right back atcha.


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