Thursday, June 9, 2011

$3 Smile

Guess what I found today?  A new little birdie for my yard!  I know, it doesn't take much to get me excited.  Plus, he was only $3 bucks.  C'mon, we all need our vices.  Just think if I was into shoes or purses!

Here's my new little critter.

You can't tell me he isn't cute. 

And of course, since I was outside with the camera, I snapped a few shots of some new blooms.

There was a peony here when I bought the house that has never done much for me.  I've tried moving it to different places in the yard, but it hasn't seemed to help.  I LOVE them.  I need to just get myself a new one and see if it's me or the plant.

Here's the picky little thing.

There were also a few rose bushes here when I moved in.  I say I hate them because they're so temperamental and so much work with the black spot and rust and aphids, but I don't have the heart to rip them out.  This one is so sweet.  The flowers are tiny and when it's completely covered in blooms, it's so pretty.  It's loaded with buds, but they're just now starting to open.

I worked at a nursery for awhile and one day a tree rose followed me home.  It's called Knock Out and it's soooo pretty.  I had it in a pot for a couple years, but I did end up putting it in the ground.  It's been in the same spot for at least 6 years now.  You can see how we built around it when we put on the addition here.

It, too, is just starting to bloom, but when it gets going, it's pretty amazing.  And it smells deeeelicious!

If we'd ever get a consistent amount of sun, things in the garden would finally take off.  They're all just sitting in the dirt waiting.

These pots are finally starting to do something.

And on that note, guess it's about time for me to get out and fertilize.

"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."-- Abraham Lincoln 


  1. Yes very cute!! And $3 is def a deal! Your backyard is gorgeous!! All your flowers are so pretty!

    Wanted to say thank you for always leaving such funny un generic comments on my blog! You always make me laugh! But no pressure if you ever want to leave a serious one I would be okay with that too ;)

  2. We must both have a thang for birds!

  3. I want it! It keeps looking at me with those little birdy eyes through my computer screen. Great steal!!!!

  4. Love your bird, and your pots look great!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I have had issues with my peonies not blooming, or not blooming lushly. I know if the top of the crown is buried too deeply, this impedes blooming, so I try to push the dirt off the top in spring. But I also noticed that when I lived in a colder gardening zone, 5, the peonies were fabulous, so maybe they need a little more cold in the wintertime.

  6. Someone else just told me about the root thing. I guess I need to try that next year. Like I said, picky little things. :o)

  7. Popping over from An Oregon Cottage. You have some gorgeous roses in your garden! Loving that little birdie too! Everything is lookingvery happy! xoox, tracie

  8. its looks good as usual!!! your garden looks like its always full of surprizes!



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