Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Phlox Is Blooming!

We had grilled cheese sammies and tomato soup for dinner tonite. I figured that wouldn't be a very exciting dinner post, so I went outside and took a couple, ahem, a few, oh alright, a lot of pictures instead.

I have several phlox, but this one is always the first to bloom.

My first lavender cosmos flower.

Several white ones have opened over the past couple of days.

The sage is bloomin' its little heart out.

The cilantro is up.

The radishes and carrots are up.

The peas have flowers.

The lupine is happy in its new home.

The window boxes are starting to take off.

That whole south side is filling in like crazy.

The hops is inches away from the arbor over the fence.

The sweet peas planted in the old sink are starting to bloom.

The front yard has filled in quite a bit.

The calla lilies are blooming.

The parking strip has filled in as well.

The snowberry is blooming.

The veronica is ready to explode with flowers.

And the first artichoke is coming on the two year old plant.

Is your scrolling finger wishing I had just taken pictures of the soup and sandwiches?

"No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden."-- Thomas Jefferson


  1. Wow is right!! Everything looks fabulous!! How long have you lived there, everything looks so established. And how long do you spend tending to all this fabulousness daily? Just curious because we're still at the 'bones' stage with shrubs and trees this year (unless you count the barely there impatiens, lol).

  2. I think it's lovely! Ive never seen a artichoke grown by anyone before! We can't do that up here! It's pretty cool! Will you get to eat it this year?

  3. I hope we can get some good enough to eat this year. Last year they were so small and kinda deformed. I just let them bloom. :o)

  4. beautiful, nothing else describes your garden!! we've had a slow start in the artichoke bed! they are only about a foot tall here! seems every thing is about 3 weeks behind this year.


  5. Well, obviously I need to spend some time digging around in your archives to see how your beautiful garden developed! You certainly have a green thumb :)


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