Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Once Upon An Octopus: A Kid Breakfast

We're going to be busy in the afternoon for the next few days, so to make up for the loss of this week's Fun Food Friday, I did a silly breakfast today. 

You can go here to see where I got the idea.  There are several really cute ones.  The octopus sounded like the easiest for The Mom to attempt first thing in the morning.  I'm excited to try all different ones another time, though.

I used a squeeze tube like this for the batter:

Because large chunks wouldn't fit through the tip, I couldn't put any fruit in the batter.  Plus, I snagged used the last piece of fresh fruit for my smoothie this morning.  Which leads to getting fruit into the pancakes.  
I dumped some smoothie in with the pancake mix.  It was basically yogurt, peach, and OJ.  
Plus I spiced up the mix with cinnamon and clove like I normally do.  
They turned out tasting REALLY good. 

I used raisins for the eyes and dried apricot for seaweed.

Here's the goofy critter on the plate:

The Kid pointed out that it only had 7 legs.  Whoopsie.


  1. Too cute. Don't you hate it when the kids are smarter than you, lol. :)

  2. I think my little guy would want to come and live at your house if he saw all these fun foods you make :) I am going to have to try this out sometime.


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