Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guest Posting at Sweet Peas & Bumblebees

Guess what?!  The sweetie pie girls who run the show over at Sweet Peas & Bumblebees have invited me to do a guest post at their blog today.  How exciting is that?!  I know!

Alisa and Briana share yummy recipes, fun kid projects and their What I Made Wednesday link parties have given me so many fun ideas!  Plus, they're both so stinkin' sweet!

I completely stressed over what to post about, but then decided I would use it as an excuse to finally accomplish something I've been meaning to do for months.

It's a FREE art project that will hopefully result in The Kid and The Girl staying in their rooms at bedtime once they've been tucked in.

No, it does not involve duct tape or deadbolts.  I'm pretty sure that's illegal.

Head on over and check out my crafty solution.

I'm parting at:


  1. AWESOME!!! I will head over to seeee! Love that blog!

  2. That's awesome! I just read your post and that is such a great idea. Congrats!

  3. I loved your post over at SP&BB. Glad that you posted so I could discover your blog and follow you :D

  4. Hi Mindy, your idea of get-out-of-bed tokens is fantastic. The painted rocks are so pretty.
    You did a great job on guest post!


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