Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Rose Garden

I promised yesterday that I'd be back today to share what was across the street from the house I grew up in.

I'll give you a hint.  Here's an aerial drawing of the neighborhood.


No?  Okay, how about the same thing in a photo?


Yeah okay, that's probably not very helpful either.  Here ya go.



Yessiree Bob, my childhood home is directly across the street from a rose garden.  The Rose Garden if I'm speaking of it to someone who knows it.  Actually, there are four of them.  Which is what is depicted in the aerial pictures.  The center circle is a garden space as well, but it's mostly rhododendrons.  The streets come off of it like spokes.

My mom and the kids went over to The Rose Garden yesterday.  The kids ran around like crazy people for at least an hour.  Just like I did for hours on end when I was a kid.

I brought my camera.  (did you really think I hadn't?)

Here are some closeups of my favorites.  Don't mind the camera strap hanging in some of them.  I'm a dork.

This is my very favorite.

This is my second favorite.

Not a bad view, eh?  

The kids were a hot mess from tearing around when I took these pics.  Plus, they both had their cheesy, "smile for the camera" faces on.  

Thar ya go.  A tiny chunk of my childhood in photos.  A big chunk, actually.  The hours I've spent in this garden are innumerable.  And now my monkeys get a piece of it.


  1. Those little monkey are super adorable even all hot and sweaty with cheesy smiles. Super adorable.

    I can't believe how many roses there are at the Rose Garden. Okay, okay,...I guess if there are going to be a lot of varieties, this would be the place so I should rephrase and say I can't believe there are that many. They are gorgeous. I love the single white ones best. So dainty.

    (pssst,...the second photo didn't work). :)

  2. What a beautiful place to grow up--how gorgeous!


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