Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Kid

Warning:  If you don't like random pictures of babies, or you're not a member of my family, you may find the following post to be extremely boring. 

I gave birth without ever having a single labor pain.  Twice.  Can you technically call it 'giving birth' if your children are cut out of you?  Yep, I had a C-section.  Both times.

When I got pregnant the first time, I had big ideas for how I wanted the big day to go.  Best laid plans.

About a month before my due date, my doctor suspected Baby (we didn't know the sex) might be breech.  An ultrasound confirmed that he was in the Frank Breech position.  Butt down, feet and head up.  Not the ideal way to push a baby out, I would imagine.

I scheduled another appointment where they made an attempt to turn him.  Let me highly recommend NOT EVER doing that.  Without going into all the specifics, I'll just say it was awful!  In all kinds of ways.  And it was non-invasive, for all of you with the creepy visuals goin' on right now.  Everything was done from the outside.

So that was that.  I scheduled an appointment and wrote "Baby Day" on the calendar.  Which was extremely bizarre.

January 18, 2006, I got up to an alarm in the morning and headed to the hospital.  Wanna see my big ole baby belly?  Too bad.  I'm showing you anyway.

This is 7 pounds of baby and 43 pounds of cheese.  Yeah, 50 pound weight gain.  And?

The Dad was in the surgery room and he got to announce the sex.  
It's a boy!

Because the poor little critter was bent in half in my belly, his legs stuck up all the time for a few weeks.  Which made it extremely easy to change his diapers.  :o)

He was, and still is, the sweetest, most mellow baby.  
 My brother-in-law took these pictures when he was only minutes old.  I love them.

Here's my sis and my mom giving loves to the new little critter.

And now I will bombard this post with random pictures of the first year of his life.  
Because I love them.  And it's my blog.  And my baby.  :o)

And no, this post isn't completely random.  Last night was open house for the incoming Kindergarten class.  My teeny tiny little baby boy is no longer a teeny tiny little baby boy.  And The Mom was feeling all nostalgic and started going through old pictures.  And that's what happened.  And now I'm gonna go hug my big kid.


  1. aaaawwwwweeeeee!!!!! Those are such amazing pictures of your fresh new baby! they are beautiful!

  2. It is sad, but I hardly even remember him being that little. I guess that is what having two monsters of my own will do.

  3. That's what almost six years will do! I can't remember hardly anything of him being little. That's why I need photos in blog posts!

  4. Oh, I love seeing baby pictures...thanks for posting. He's adorable!

  5. Thanks Shasta! I think he's adorable too, but I'm a little partial. :o)

  6. Love these pics. So awesome to see him get big. Love the one of Lonnie, Carter and you with the hills behind you and love the last one of the dad and kid. Lol so cute! Need to see pics of Maddy and the babies together!!:)

  7. Oh yeah, love the one of the dad and kid napping. Too precious

  8. Thanks Karrie! I have a ton of pics of the kids when they were babies with the dog and cat, but hardly any recent ones. I need to plan a photo shoot. :o)

  9. I kept starting to pick a favourite and then another one would take top place. Soooo sweet. I want to pinch his cheeks in a couple and those eyes. Wow.

  10. This is so cute! I love the pictures! I love baby pictures, so they will never be boring to me, even though I´m not a member of your family. ;-)
    Oh and you have such a beautiful garden!!! These flowers, sooo great!

  11. awwwww what sweet pictures! My first born was a boy too and I gained 50 pounds also! I ended up having an emergency c-section. It was horrible. I hear planned c-sections go so much more smoothly. Baby Pictures are the Best :)


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