Thursday, June 2, 2011

Google Reader

Before I start typing, let me clarify that I am a complete idiot when it comes to computers.  I have no clue what I'm doing.  Seriously.  This post is coming from someone who knows nothing.  My goal is to share information with other people who know nothing.  If there are any of you left.  Don't judge me on my wording or phrasing.  I'm using "moron" code here.

When I first started reading blogs, there were two or three that I looked at on a daily basis.  I had them saved in my Bookmarks and every morning I would open them.  If there was nothing new, periodically throughout the day I would Refresh the tab to see if they had posted something.

Then, there were five blogs I was checking daily.  Then seven.  Then ten.  Do you have any idea how much time and work it is to open that many tabs and refresh them when there's nothing new when you sit down?  A LOT OF TIME.  And it slows your computer down to the point of wanting to hit it with a hammer.  Not that I ever did that.

Then I started my own blog.  Again, clueless.  Then I started seeing this orange icon on everyone's blog.  I clicked on it once.  It led to something I didn't know anything about.  I said, I don't need this $%@!.  And I closed the tab.  I DO need this $%@!.  It's the most genius invention ever!

Enter, the Google Reader.  One night, shortly after discovering this genius invention, I was sitting here and The Dad came in.  He said, What's that, like an inbox for all the blogs you read?  YES!!!  That's EXACTLY what it is!  Google Reader is an inbox for all the blogs I want to stalk.  Without all the work of actually stalking.  Most blogs or sites have a link on their homepage to sign up.  I've recently added the link to mine, now that I know how fantastic it is.  But even if there's no link on the site you like, you hit the bookmark tool on the top of your browser and it will have a "subscribe" option.  Click it.  It's your friend.

Some blogs I like don't post daily.  I don't want to take the time to open it up every day to see if that's the day they posted something new.  I just wait.  And my Google Reader announces when they post something new.  Seriously people, this is genius.  You can scoff me if you've been on board with this for years.  That's fine.  But I'm excited about it and I SHALL shout it from the rooftops! 

Is that enough information?  I'm trying to put myself in my shoes two weeks ago - before my discovery.  For the blog following illiterates like me, do you need an actual photo of the icon?  Do you need more specifics?  Feel free to e-mail me if you can't bear to share with the world your shortcomings.  I promise I won't tell.


  1. I also finally discovered the beauty of RSS feeds, Google Reader, etc. I think I finally get it! I just started using NetNewsWire too, which is another program that serves up all my stuff with a better interface. Now I have an inbox with 25,995 entries though. Apparently, I have been gathering lots of things to read later.

  2. LOL! And I thought IIII was bad! That is a LOT of extracurricular reading!

  3. Google reader is great for keeping up on the blogs. It is always great to make new discoveries :) have a good weekend.

  4. I came across you blog at Vintage Revivals Linky Party and have been clicking away at your fun projects and recipes. I like the way you write. I am now subscribing to your posts.


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