Friday, March 25, 2011

Glass Gem Magnets

We finally got to that kid craft I mentioned the other day.  The best part about it - it only cost $1!  I got a bag of the gems at the Dollar Store and there were 29 in the bag.  I had the rest of what we needed.  I kind of have a thing for scrapbook paper.  I don't scrapbook, but I can't walk into a craft store without buying a handful.  They're just so cute dang it.  And because I have a bottomless supply, the kids can cut into it for all kinds of projects.  We mostly use it for making thank you or holiday cards, but I made my niece a mobile out of some too.  I'll post some pics if I can find them.  Obviously, you don't need fancy paper to make these.  You can cut images out of magazines, newspapers, fabric, an old calendar.....the possibilities are endless.  I had some Modge Podge, but Elmer's glue would work fine.  I also had strips of magnets that I cut up.  I always save the ones that come as advertisements, like on phone books, for occasions such as these.

The rest is pretty basic.  Trace your shape, cut it out, glue it on, attach a magnet.  I cut out the paper, The Girl painted the Modge Podge onto the back side of the gem and then stuck the paper on.  The Kid basically supervised and picked out the papers he wanted to use.

Here's our super easy, super fun (no fighting!), super cheap, super cute craft of the day:


  1. These are really great, I have a bit of a fettish too for scrapbooking paper, but dont scrapbook ! so may have a go at some of these.

  2. I made some of these, because I thought it was a great idea. However, my magnets will not hold paper or anything on the fridge. Did yours? Or, are they just for decoration?

  3. @Sarah, Your email address isn't attached to your profile, so I'm hoping you're checking back.
    The original magnets I used were some I just had laying around and they weren't strong enough to hold anything, but after gluing on a stronger magnet, they're definitely functional. You can buy magnets at any craft store - I've even seen strong ones at the Dollar Store. Hope that helps!


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