Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Warm Summer

Please sing that in your best Bing Crosby voice to the tune of White Christmas.  Which just so happens to be my favorite movie, ever.

I think it has rained every day so far this month.  It's raining again right now.  It probably won't stop raining until June.  Just when I think I'm ready to slit my wrists, the sun comes out.  Yes, we get some sunny days here and there in April and May - enough to tease me and get me outside to play in the dirt.  My MOST favorite thing to do in the world.  But every year, it seems like those days are NEVER going to get here.  By the time it's dry enough to get out and see what mother nature has done, the slugs have pretty much eaten everything.  They've already chowed down on all my primrose buds.  I saw the other day that my hostas are starting to come up, so they'll no doubt have those gnawed off in no time.  Nasty creatures they are.

So while I'm stuck inside, I'm going to just close my eyes and pretend that if I really wanted to, I could grab my icy cold glass of sun tea with a lemon wedge and go out and sit here right now:

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