Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mrs. Kravitz

 This was one of my very first posts, so please be nice when judging my photo skills, or lack thereof.

I'm nosy.  I LOVE to see inside other people's homes.  I'm one of those people who drives around at night to look in the windows of houses that have their lights on.  I like to see the colors in their rooms.  The art on their walls.  And if I'm lucky, their furniture arrangements.  Although, that's a little difficult to see when your driving.  When I go to someone's house, I inevitably find myself rearranging all their rooms in my head.  I think having one of those jobs where you go into someone's house and move everything around and redesign everything with what they already own would be so fun.

This leads me to pictures.  I can't be the only one out there obsessed with seeing how other people live.  So here's a small glimpse at how we live:

This is our main bathroom.  It's part of the addition, since, as I mentioned before, our old bathroom is now a hall.  This is nearly identical to the old one, with the acception of an added linen closet. Oh, I found the name of the new paint I just used in here.  White Sage by Olympic. 

These next pictures are the hall.  AKA, the old bathroom.  You can see on the right where the wall juts out a little bit - that's where the toilet sat.  The table is where the sink was.  We stole the area where the tub was to make our bedroom closet bigger than the 2 foot square that it originally was.  Yes, our clothes were kept in two different rooms for four years.

This is my wall of flowers.  They're pictures I've taken in the yard.
This is my coat tree.  Our coat closet is also 2 feet square - it's directly behind me in this picture.  And it's packed.  The rod is full of coats and the shelf has two baskets with scarves, hats and gloves.  The vacuum cleaner also lives in there.  Like I said, it's packed.  So this is where guests can hang their coats, purses, diaper bags, etc.

 When I was house hunting, a fireplace was on the must-have list.  Yeah, well, we all know how that goes.   This house was not built with one.  So last December, The Dad built me one to hang our stockings on.  I LOVE it.  I painted it and bought some cheap tile from Home Depot for it.  And yes, the logs turn on.  Those actually DID come with the house.  There was a plastic plug-in fireplace on that very wall when I moved in.  It even put out heat.  It lived in my bedroom for a couple years.  Then it moved outside to the "get rid of it" pile.  But then I had the genius idea of disconnecting the heater and just using the logs.  And here it is in all its glory:

Our  bedroom is a dungeon.  Originally, there were two giant windows on the east wall, but when we bumped the back of the house out, that wall came down.  The only light in there now comes from the master bath window and french doors on the north side that don't bring in any light at all.  My dream is to have those solar tube can lights over the head of the bed.  Same concept as a skylight, but smaller.  But as I said, that's a dream and not anywhere near reality at this point.  So getting a decent picture in there is near impossible, but here's the best I could do under the circumstances:

See the boring color on the wall?  The two frames with the green mats to the left are off the wall and there is now two colors of paint samples where they were.
Here's the west side of the room.  The Mom's dresser.  The Dad's dresser had tools piled on top of it, so I'll have to get a picture of that later.  It's in the "new" part of the bedroom.
You can see the bathroom reflected in the mirror as well as a tiny glimpse of the french doors leading to the patio.

That's it for the tour today folks.  If we get a day without clouds anytime soon, I can take some pictures of the rest of the bedroom.  And the master bath.  And The Girl's room.  And The Kid's room.  I hate the kitchen, so that most likely won't make an appearance until I'm able to say it's the "before" picture.  And that's all there is to the house.  It was 947 square feet when I bought it in 2001.  In 2008 we put on 300 more.  Modest but ample.


  1. Very Cute house you have there!

  2. I am the same way. I would love to visit all the homes on our street just too see how they decorated :)I think that is why I love blogs so much! I am your newest follower. Hope you stop by my blog sometime too.

  3. i am also a peeper!... i rubberneck so bad into peoples homes i almost hit a parked car once! (* i was not driving)

  4. Lovely home, love the new bathroom! I saw a lot of delicious sounding recipes on the right side bar... I'm going to have to come back to check them out! ;)


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