Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Waiting For Spring

I was sitting outside with the kids this morning and I was looking around at the disaster that is currently our backyard.  The thought came to mind, wouldn't it be nice if I could look around objectively?  I know it looks like hell out here right now, but I also know that in a few months, this mess will be unrecognizable.  I wonder if an outsider would look at it in its current condition and see the crap that I see.  It's the same inside the house.  I see all the things that need to be done.  The never ending to-do list.  Do other people walk in and wonder why we haven't done A, B and C, or are they oblivious to my discriminating eye?  It's the same with life in general I suppose.  If I could step outside of the cocoon and see our life as an onlooker, I probably wouldn't see anything remotely similar as I do as a participant.  Crazy how that works.

I snapped a couple pictures so you can see what I see.  Although, I suppose the point is, you won't see what I see at all.

This is the view of the deck from inside the garage today.  The patio is directly in front of me.  The French doors into our bedroom are to the right:

And here are a couple snapshots of what the deck and patio will look like in a few months:


Clearly The Dog prefers the latter.

I know I don't have any "today" pics of the front yard, but here it is looking out from the front porch in the summer.

Okay, so clearly I have a serious case of spring fever.  It won't be long until I'm complaining about not getting any work done in the house because I'm spending every second of daylight dinkin' around in the yard.  Age old story.  A woman is never fully satisfied unless she has something to b*#ch about.

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  1. I feel the very same way Mindy!! I also have a huge to do list!! I can't wait for warmer weather and dirt under my finger nails!:)Ahhh Spring fever is here again.


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