Friday, March 18, 2011

The Kid's Room

As I've mentioned, The Kid's room did not exist before we put on the addition.  You can see the beginning of that process here.  You can see during pictures of his room here.

It's a tiny room in the whole scheme of things.  I have a vision in my head, for when he gets older, of building a loft bed with open space underneath to open up more floor space.  Well, if we're talking 'in my head' decorating, I've built stairs up to the attic and moved both the kids up there so that I can have a guest room and a craft room.  But I digress.  In the during pictures, you can see The Dad beginning to build a bookshelf.  We made two to flank either side of the double window.  I considered putting the head of his bed in between them, but after a few days, it just wasn't workin' for me.  So The Dad busted out the tools again and built a window seat/storage bench and the bed moved.  Here's The Kid's sleeping quarters:

This, obviously, was prior to the bench being built.

Grammy painted the tree.

The Mom painted this tree.

Left side.

Right side.
The bench.

Looking at this picture makes me realize how much crap he has sitting on his shelves.  Time for operation clean sweep.  Plus, that curtain needs a center support.

And now for my favorite part of the room.  When we built the closet, we planned for regular off the shelf bi-fold doors.  Then we put an organization system from Ikea in it.  Then last year, I saw the most genius idea on Ana White's Knock Off Wood blog.  You take the doors off their sliding rail system, put hinges on them so they open out like a regular door (you have to have enough swing room to do this) and then put shallow shelving on the back sides.  GENIUS!!!!!!  Here it is:

We ended up having to add a piece of trim to the middle to fill the gap that was made by hanging the doors on hinges.  It's the unpainted piece.  And yes, it STILL needs to be painted.
Door number one.

Door number two.

Front and center.  

Did I mention how genius it is?  You have no idea how much more storage that six inches of space gives you.  Genius.


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