Friday, March 4, 2011

Painting Frenzy

I feel one coming on.  I've lived in this house since 2001 and the only room that hasn't had a color change is the kitchen.  I LOVE the color in there.  If I had to give it a name, I suppose it could be olive green.  The dining room has been three different colors.  Latte, red and it's currently yellow.  I've been thinking of changing it again.  The living room is on its second color.  It was the same latte color as the dining room and it's now a grayish-green.  The "hall" (calling it a hall is a huge stretch of the imagination - before we added on to the back of the house, it was more like a square that led to four doors) was a deep purple, but it's now a gray-blue that I really like.  The original bathroom started out as gray and turned green.  It's now the hall and the new bathroom is on its second green as of last week.  I stole the color from a fairly recent Better Homes catalog and I really liked it on paper.  It's good in real life too.  It's nearly identical to Glidden's Sea Drops.  Just a touch darker.  Let's see, my son's bedroom was put on with the addition and it's still the original blue I chose.  My daughter's room, which was my room in the beginning, started out an elephant grayish-brownish color, then turned a blue-green that I HATED and now it has vertical stripes in two shades of green.  The master bedroom used to just be a catchall until my now husband entered the picture.  I painted it blue and set it up as an office for his birthday as a surprise one year.  Then I got pregnant and the office went bye bye.  Hello baby room.  We put up a chair rail and painted the bottom half yellow and the top half, you guessed it, green.  It's now sort of a taupe color top and bottom.  I'm over it.  My accordion file organized by rooms is sitting on my bed right now.  Along with hundreds of paint samples that I somehow seem to collect.  Clearly I lean toward greens, but I'm kinda feelin' a blueish-grayish-greenish color as well.  Two toned?  Oh the dilemma.  We also have a bathroom off our bedroom now and it's just a shade or two lighter than the bedroom.  That's gotta go.  I need more color in my life.  Not a beige girl.  Greens, browns, gray-blues...they follow me.  They're calling my name.  I must sit among the pile and let one choose me.

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