Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Middle

So when I left off here, we had put on the roof and and the walls were in place.  We immediately started tackling the inside at as close to warp speed as one can get with a toddler, a part-time job and a husband with a full-time job.  A lot of it was done in the evenings after dinner and, of course, on the weekends.  As I've mentioned before, our existing hallway is our old bathroom.  You can't exactly tear that out until the new one is up and running.  So for quite awhile, we were walking through the bathroom to work on the bathroom.  Bizarre.  Here's part of that progress:

Wahoo, the tub's in!

Framed up to reuse our old medicine cabinet.
Ready for a shower head. 

 Oh how I wish the grout was still cocaine white like this.

You can see the finished bathroom here.

Once the new bathroom was dialed in, we could start the demo on the old one.  The doorway to the right, by the level, leads to The Kid's room.  To the left is a wall that we temporarily left open to use as a shortcut to the back door when we were working.  Here it is in the midst of the mess:

Egad.  See the finished hallway here.

Here's the shortcut.  And the cutest little helper EVER.
Here's the other side of the shortcut.  See that wooden box 'o crap?  That's where I'm sitting right now.

Remember the progress picture I posted of the back of the house when I said you could see the crib in the window?  Here's that room from the inside (By the way, this is the room he napped in - right up against the bulk of the construction noise - for months.  Trooper.):

Ahhhh, The Baby's room.

Here's the wall that is going bye bye. 

But before we can kick the cute little critter out of his room, we need to have a new room to move him into.  Which means, The Mom and The Dad will lose their room.  (Yes, it's confusing.  It's like musical chairs with bedrooms.)  So we turned our bedroom into Baby #2's room and temporarily moved The Kid in:

Same 'ol stuff, different room.  There was originally a window behind the rocking chair, but we had to cover it up.  It's now the back wall of The Kid's closet.

This room is actually bigger than the other one - which is why it was originally MY room.

The door with The Dad's hat hanging on it leads out.  The other two lead to the closet.

So now that that's done, we can get busy on The Kid's room:

This is standing in the doorway looking in.  You can see this window here when it was first framed in.

This is the double window we demo'd and reused from his old room.  We reused all the windows we tore out.  The interior doors as well.

Ah, the hours of painting.

Got the flooring laid out.  Now to install it.

Daddy's helper.

Any excuse to add a pic of my boys.

Even The Dog helped.

Phew, the floors are done.  Now to build some bookshelves.

Lovin' his Big Boy room.

I'll get some pictures of the finished product on here soon, I swear.  But once The Kid got to move into his new room it was on to the next project.  Operation Baby Room Turned Master Bedroom:

This is where the double window wall came down.  Yes, we were actually sleeping in this mess.

Here's a close up of the biggest medicine cabinet ever in history.

Here's the shower that looks exactly the same right now.  Take note of the red waterproofing goo toward the bottom.

At least we had fresh flowers next to the bed.  And whad'ya know, there's that bird box.

Looks like the bathroom fixtures are in.  

I did end up taking some more bedroom pictures the other day.  I cleaned the tools off of The Dad's dresser for the photo shoot.  And I got a couple master bathroom ones as well.  Here's the after:

Hard to believe it's the same space.

French doors leading out to the patio.

Pocket door leading to the bathroom.

There's those birdies.

Window looking into the backyard.

Here's the shower (see the red goo?!).  The toilet is in the little cubby behind the shower.

This is the view when you're literally sitting on the toilet.  The seat was down, I swear.

So there you have it.  The Kid's room and The Girl's room will be in the next installment.  As well as the outside.  Uh huh.  We went without siding for three (?) years.  I'm sure the neighbors behind us were ecstatic not to have to look at that Tyvek house wrap anymore.  I know I was.  Off to those horrid dishes.....


  1. Tilex will make your grout super white. Leave it on for a few minutes if you have to, but it goes down deep. It really works!

  2. Thank you! It's going on my grocery list immediately!!!

  3. What a project! Everything is turning out great!


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