Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm So Excited....

.....and I just can't hide it.  (Feel free to sing the rest of the lyrics out loud.) 

I am about to bombard this post with photos.  The sun came out late this afternoon and the kids wanted to play out front.  I grabbed my camera and bounded out the door.  Spring is definitely on the forefront.  And I am on the cusp of entering into "nothing else matter in the world except the yard" season.  The house will be filthy.  The kids will be filthy.  The bottom of my feet will have an inch thick layer of rock hard callous that is the permanent color of soil.  (TMI?)  I can't wait. 

March in the garden (I LOVE SPRING!!!):


  1. Looks beautiful! We feel like the summer is already in full swing here on the island, but the only pretty things growing here are bikinis.. Jamy gets a little ticked when I try to put those around the house though! Seriously miss that beautiful garden, it's a credit to you. Can't wait to see the July/August full bloom pictures!

  2. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if a little of that sunshine would head our direction. I'm more than ready to start playing in the dirt!

  3. wow... i think i recall having at least 2+ feet of snow on our ground still at this time... so over jealous right now, i'm inspired to go bribe my tulips to get them to open up!

  4. No tulips!? At the end of May?! I would have slit my wrists by now. That's cruel and unusual punishment!


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