Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Boys

I love this picture.  Let me start over.  I am 100%, head over heels, ooey gooey, in LOVE with this picture.

Pictures have this magical power.  I wish on a regular basis that I was better at taking them.  Getting a good shot, for me, is luck of the draw.  And sometimes, I get really damn lucky and come through with a money shot.  I dream of taking photography classes to better understand the ins and outs of a camera.  I have a regular point and shoot.  I was loaned a fancy schmancy camera that someone in the know would drool over.  I can't figure the damn thing out, so I put it back in the case and at this very moment, it's being stored in the shower that has yet to be tiled.  (I should totally take a picture of that "storage" space.)  The funny thing is, this isn't even necessarily a good picture.  But that leads back to the magic.  A photo has the ability to evoke memories that you didn't even realize you had.  These two boys are the absolute loves of my life.  I can't imagine waking up without them.  (I'm not purposely excluding The Girl, but we're in male mode at the moment).

Here are my dream boats:

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