Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pretty In Pink

How is it that a three year old can accumulate SO MUCH STUFF!?  The other project I've been working on is in The Girl's room.  I'm attempting to corral the endless amount of things that are setting everywhere.  I'm not talking about toys.  There isn't a flat service in the entire room that doesn't have a knick knack setting on it or a picture hung on it.  There is no blank wall space.  You cannot see the top of the dresser.  Things are hanging from the ceiling.  There's even stuff on shelves in her closet because I just don't know where else to put it.  Stuff, stuff and more stuff.  Okay, confession alert, a lot of it is mine.  Things I had when I was little.  They've slowly made their way out of boxes and into her room.  And now it is jam packed.  So, as they say in the garden, when you're outta room, go vertical.  And that's what I'm doing.  I worked on it all morning.  It's somewhat better.  I recently moved her bed though, as an attempt to make more floor space, and now a lot of the things on the wall don't make sense.  And when you move that many things, you wind up with a zillion nail holes.  Unfortunately, I don't have any paint left for touch-ups.  I don't even know what colors they were.  So moving pictures could lead to completely gutting it, painting the whole room, and starting from scratch.  That is not on my near-future agenda.  (Famous last words.)  So the plan is to finish up in there and then I'll bust out the camera.  And you will gasp.  At the stuff. 

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